Automatic pH Controller

An automatic pH controller is a highly recommended item of pool operating equipment offering great insurance against swimmer discomfort, pool surface and equipment damage. Pool water balance hinges largely on the pH of the water.

What is pH?

A measurement of the potency (or power) of hydrogen. Acidity is known to be caused by a predominance of hydrogen ion (chemical species H). Using a scale of 0 – 14, pH at a reading of 7 is neutral and thus below this reading the water is acidic and above (neutral 7.0) it is alkaline.

Why is pH important?

For swimmer comfort the ideal pH range is 7.4 – 7.6, as the human eye has a pH of about 7.5. A Low or High pH  is also the major cause of skin irritations (not chlorine which is commonly blamed). Pool water at a high pH(alkaline) reduces chlorine efficiency, can cause scaling water problems such as white film and crusty deposits, cloudy pools and reduced circulation. At a low pH level (acidic) causing pitting of concrete, dissolving of metals and surface staining.

Benefits of a Automatic pH Controller

Traditionally in domestic pools pH is lowered manually by the addition of acid following a water test. The addition of a quality automatic pH controller such as the pH Boss (by Bioniser) will eliminate the continual labour in testing, measuring and manually adding acid to the pool. The pH Boss monitors the pH of circulating and adds a premixed Acid solution into the pool via return plumbing when required. This ensures the pH is always balanced, delivering swimmer and pool surface protection. We know the correct pH is vital for a healthy swimming pool, and so the addition of a quality pH controller is really a must for any pool owner.


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