Green Pool Cleanups

At Pool Clear we receive a whole range of enquiries on pool related issues. Pool cleaning and service enquiries are most common and with new customer enquiries unfortunately by the time we receive a call, the pool in question has become green or equipment has failed. While in most cases we attend and sort out all problems, there are always pool owners determined to undertake in green pool clean ups and repair works themselves and are seeking advice. If this is you then you might like to read on and for some helpful tips. It is important to note prior to undertaking works that many hazards are present during green pool clean-ups and pool equipment servicing. Please ensure all safety measures and procedures are observed. Also each pool has differing characteristics and functionality, factors for which cleaning, shocking, algae-removal and balancing techniques or regimen require adaptation. Lets assume you have a green pool looking as poorly as this:Green Pool Cleanups Obviously this is how we want it to look: Pool Clear Sunshine Coast Seems amazing but this result took only 2 days. First task is to undertake a Super-Shock treatment for algae removal with regimen generally in the following order:

  • Ensure all necessary equipment is clean, functional, serviceable and safe
  • Add full amount required for super-shock ( you can not over shock, for extreme infestations 2 or 3 times more than recommended is required)
  • Use Liquid Chlorine, don’t use granular or tablets
  • Reduce pH below 7 adding extra acid for pH increase via chlorine addition
  • Remove all objects and litter from pool possible with manual cleaning tools
  • Brush all pool surfaces and circulate for extended period, bypassing filter if required
  • Allow remaining contaminants to drop or use flocculants and then vacuum all dead algae to waste.
  • Clarifiers and further extended filter cycling may be required
  • Balance all parameters of water to recommended levels

We have attached a Treatment Table PDF            Treatment Table

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