Pool Pumps

A quality pool pump, operating efficiently, is essential in maintaining a healthy swimming pool & achieving savings in energy costs. Pool Clear are experts in pool pumps & can help you choose the right pool pump for your application.

Pool Pumps Compatible For Your Pool

A pump’s rating, performance, size and capabilities must be known to ensure compatibility to a pool’s functional design, plumbing, operating equipment or other service requirements.

Pool Pump Price – Upfront & Running Costs

Another important factor for our clients is always the cost of a new pool pump. For a newly installed pool or when an existing pool pump requires replacement, it is important to understand the potential energy costs associated to accurately evaluate the total cost for pump replacement. This will depend on existing tariffs, required operating run times and the efficiency of the pool pump. Pool Clear Sunshine Coast can advise you on this.

Variable Speed & Single Speed Pool Pumps

A single speed pool pump will cost less for initial purchase than a variable speed pump (approx. half the price) though will run less efficiently (higher energy usage during operation). Variable speed pumps allow for increased adaptability to a wider range of pool sizes and designs and have increased functional and service capabilities. It also delivers lower energy consumption via it adjustable speeds (setting flow-rate to minimum pool requirement), and using these lower speeds takes advantage of a fundamental pump law, which equates to energy consumption costs being one eighth of the total consumption when a pump speed is halved. When considering ever increasing energy prices, the guaranteed energy savings a variable pump will provide combined with the improved performance, capability and longevity, most Sunshine Coast pool owners find that a purchasing a variable speed pump is much more viable.


Pump Maintenance

Pool pump maintenance undertaken through regular cleaning and servicing regimes must include inspection of pool pumps during operation to ensure continued effective performance, efficiency, and to extend equipment lifetime. Ensuring all pump baskets are clear of debris or blockages safeguards against running pumps when dry.

Alpool pumps for a clear pooll pool pumps have perishable or wearing components such as mechanical seals, gaskets and bearings and require regular inspection for damage or leaks. Pump motors and components are easily damaged by faulty items, poor seals or when left to run dry. Unfortunately due to the labour and parts required for most pool pump repairs, a replacement pump is often a the best solution. Only purchase good quality trusted brands of pool pumps, have it installed be an experienced serviceman and take the time to read owner’s manuals and instructions to ensure warranties do not become void.



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