Pool Safety

For all your pool safety requirements including pool safety inspections, pool safety certificates, conformance works and advice, we are here to take away all the complications.

Our Accredited Safety Inspectors undertake detailed inspections, identifying all existing and potential non-conformance issues, and providing certification. We will rectify or advise on any minor or major defects required for pool safety approvals. Our service is flexible to all styles and budgets.

No Re-Inspection Fee

While most competitors charge a re-inspection fee after conformance works, Pool Clear has a No Re-Inspection Fee policy.

We Take Safety Seriously

Our children’s lives depend on us and on adequate pool barriers and safety systems being in place.  A pool is only ‘a safe pool’ when compliant to all relevant and pool safety laws and regulations, with acceptable security of entry. Pools which fail in any of the safety criteria are ‘unsafe’ and fines may apply…. or god forbid worse.

Risk management and hazard identification are integral for pool safety and so understanding all risks and hazards is essential in pool maintenance and pool fencing. Pool definitions and categories are crucial in identifying ‘climbable’ pool barriers and fencing, accuracy of measurements and other criteria for accreditation.

A safe pool also requires other safe practices or work methods, particularly those associated with pool and equipment maintenance. Having a professionally serviced pool should include water sampling, balancing and cleaning for safe pool chemistry, and identifying potential or existing operational and pool-side hazards.

Take away all the guess work by entrusting the Pool Clear professionals to guarantee you have a certified and safe pool.

If you want to check out all the current information on pool safety laws and requirements, click this link:


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Safety First!