Pool Safety Laws

Queensland’s new pool safety laws introduced in 2009, state pool owners must comply with new pool safety laws by 30 November 2015 or earlier if they sell or lease their property before this time.

These laws apply to all pools associated with dwellings categorised under ‘building classes 1 – 4’ as defined under the Building Code of Australia. Hotels, motels and resorts and other class 3 buildings were required to comply by 1st June 2011, whilst optional pool safety management plans must be approved by the department.

Pools in Queensland must be registered on the Queensland Government’s pool safety register. If you have not registered your pool, you can do so online, or contact the QBCC on 1800 634 or [email protected]

Failure to register a pool may result in a fine of $227.70 or a maximum of $2277.00.

Pool Safety Laws

A pool safety certificate has been a requirement since 1st December 2010 when selling or leasing a property with a pool. Different rules apply for non-shared pools and shared pools, differing premises (building classes), sellers, buyers, leasers, contracts and recently built pools. Understanding pool safety laws and definitions is critical for compliant pool fencing and other criteria. Check out all the new pool safety laws and requirements for your pool online at the Department of Housing and Public Works website: http://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/construction/BuildingPlumbing/PoolSafety/PoolSafetyLaws/Pages/default.aspx

Pool Safety Inspections

A pool compliant to pool safety laws, and with a pool certificate also require other safe work methods and swimming practices. Key to achieving pool safety  is ensuring your pool is maintained and inspected regularly. A professional pool service should include inspection of safety systems, pool and equipment cleaning, hazard identification and water balancing for safe swimming. The most important part of pool safety involves our own diligence and supervision of children at all times in and around pools is essential.

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