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Salt water pool chlorinators are the popular choice for pool water sanitizing and ensuring a quality, well maintained chlorinator and cell is installed and operating efficiently is essential in achieving a healthy and safe pool.

Chlorinator Capacity & Settings

Implementing the correct size pool chlorinator and cell is critical for balanced water providing protection to swimmers, pool surfaces and equipment. A chlorinating cell will produce chlorine in the presence of salt, which then can be available for pool sanitizing. The amount of chlorine required will depend on various factors, including – pool size, bather load, water temperature & balance, pool & equipment condition and other environmental factors. A chlorinator that will produce the amount of chlorine required at peak pool usage times/seasons at acceptable runtimes is the correct size. (always check manufacturers specifications for suitability)

Chlorine output settings and runtime of equipment allows for adjustments in chlorine production. A quality chlorinator will allow the user to increase or decrease chlorine output in percentages with internal timers for runtime changes. Typically as temperatures and pool use increases the need also arises for an increase in chlorine output and runtime. Similarly a decrease in these settings will be needed as temperatures and usage drops. An over chlorinated pool is not healthy and can cause damage to pool surfaces, equipment and cause bather irritations. Regularly test the pool water free chlorine readings to calculate adjustments required.

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Salt Water Pool Chlorinators & Cell Maintenance

While most quality salt water pool chlorinators include self cleaning cells, the regular inspection of cells and chlorinating performance is a must to ensure suitable pool sanitizing and for equipment longevity. A calcified cell will limit or stop chlorine production and can be indicative of poor water balance or end of cell life. The inclusion of salt water chlorinator and cell servicing in a pool maintenance regime will deliver the desired chlorine output settings, extend equipment lifetime and save money in running costs.

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