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Pool Clear’s special prices on Pool Equipment and Pool Services of 10% off all products ends 31st August 2016! All products and services are basically GST free so if you have been putting off a replacement pool item, repairs or full service then now is the time to get it done.

Pool Clear clientele are rewarded with discounted products and services all year round. This deal gives those new pool owners or perhaps those dissatisfied with current services, a chance to get on board with Pool Clear Sunshine Coast, joining a long list of satisfied pool owners. The care taken in our detailed servicing, cleaning and maintenance of each pool is second to none, as we genuinely care not only your pool but your hip pocket too. We always try to offer the lowest prices on all quality pool equipment, products and services. Check out below the savings these special prices represent.


We recommend, sell and install all sizes of the K-Chlor Digital reverse polarity (self-cleaning) Gold Series salt water chlorinator. These little beauties not only come with a 4 year warranty but they are also a locally manufactured chlorinator and cell with local back up service and warranty! Purchase and pay for installation prior to September 2016 on a K-Chlor Digital RP Gold 25T and save up to $110! 


Pool Pumps

We supply and install quality single speed pumps and variable speed pumps for any pool requirement. In the single speed pool pump range we carry many quality brands, including another locally supplied product, the MagnaFlo Dynamic pool pump. This also comes with local back up service and warranty (4yr on wet end, 2yr on seal &motor). In the variable speed pool pump range we recommend and install the Onga Eco 800 its bigger brothers such as the Sta-Rite 1100 or Intelliflo pumps. These quality energy efficient pumps come with fantastic track records and a purchase and installation before 01/09/16 will save over $100 straight away not to mention the continued benefits.

Pool Filters

Is your pool filter performing efficiently? is it time for and replacement media or cartridge? Now may be the best time to upgrade to a sand or glass media filter! Our range of quality Onga, Pentair & Davey Filters are the hands down the best around. A new quality filter will deliver effective and efficient filtering, allowing for reduced energy costs and buy and install before this September and again save over $100.

Pool Cleaners

Our range of auto pool cleaners include free installation for Sunshine Coast residents. There are a huge amount of pool cleaners on the market but we cut through all the noise and offer the best performing and priced cleaners out there. Our recommended auto-suction cleaners include the Rebel pool cleaner by Pentair and the HammerHead by Onga. To make the most of our special prices on pool equipment the best choice of all pool cleaners is the EcoClean pool cleaners by Newline. These state of the art cleaners are the answer to many pool owners regular cleaning hassles and this August save up to $200 on a DX5 with 7 day timer and caddy!

Green Pool Clean Ups & Pool Services

Up until September we are also offering 10% off all our services including labour and chemicals. If you haven’t tried Pool Clear yet then now is the perfect time, put us to the test for your next pool service and start reaping the rewards in your pool maintenance costs.


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