Pool Maintenance

Regular pool maintenance (pool cleaning and servicing) is vital for safe and healthy swimming. Maintaining balanced pool water chemistry is not only good for your health – it will also protect your pool.

Healthy for Swimmers and the Pool!

Regular professional pool maintenance will help protect all pool operating equipment, surfaces, plumbing and other accessories.

In a Nutshell, Regular Pool Maintenance Will Save You Money!

A clean pool with correctly balanced water will extend the life of your pool and pool equipment. It will also optimise the performance and economy of:

  • Sanitising equipment (chlorinators, ionisers, auto-dosing systems)
  • Circulation equipment (pool pumps, solar pumps, feature pumps and plumbing)
  • Filtration equipment (glass media & sand filters, cartridge filters)
  • Cleaning equipment and accessories (auto pool cleaners, manual pool cleaning tools)
  • Pool accessories (covers, pool heating equipment and pool leisure equipment)
  • Pool surfaces, pool plumbing and fittings

Rest Easy

Pool Clear regular service clients rest easy in the knowledge their pool is professionally maintained with our ‘attention to detail’ pool servicing and on-call availability.

We use the latest and best technologies available for our on-site testing, analysis and balancing.

Avoid Expensive Clean-Ups

We also offer on-call services for existing customers,  providing insurance against weather events, contaminants & staining or equipment failure which can turn pools cloudy and green.

What’s Included in a Service?

To ensure water clarity and efficiency of pool equipment we carry out the inspection, cleaning and servicing of all poo sanitising, filtration, circulation and cleaning equipment, including:

  • Water testing, analysis and balancing – all test results provided
  • A full brush down – and vacuum of all pool surfacing
  • Surface skimming, removing all litter and particles
  • Cleaning & servicing of pool pumps, filters, chlorinator cells & any other pool equipment
  • Pool and equipment inspection – provides detection of leaks and water loss issues, preventive maintenance, repairs or hazards being identified

Tailor-Made Pool Maintenance

Like us, each pool is different. Pool Clear takes into account a pool’s specific characteristics and requirements, as well as your budget. We then create a pool maintenance regime tailor-made to save you money in energy costs, water and chemical usage. Whether it’s for a new or existing pool, we will implement and install the best pool equipment for your pool – at the lowest price possible.

Our Service Clients Enjoy:

  • Discounted service fees and labour rates
  • Discounts on all pool equipment
  • News and special deals info
  • On-call friendly service and advice
  • Flexible service scheduling
  • Rewards for referrals
  • Discounted safety inspection and certification
  • Sparkling clean pools –  envy of the neighbourhood
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    Our pool maintenance service will save you money.