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Pool Product Sales

We sell quality brands of pool pumps, pool cleaners, chlorinators, pool filters and loads of other pool equipment, chemicals and pool products. Including all the spare parts.

Pool Product Sales

We sell quality brands of pool pumps, pool cleaners, chlorinators, pool filters and loads of other pool equipment, chemicals and pool products. Including all the spare parts.

Pool Pumps

An efficient pool pump is essential in maintaining a healthy swimming pool & achieving savings in energy costs. Pool Clear are the experts in pool pumps – we supply and install the best pool pumps.

Which pumps suit you? Contact us or check our FAQs page.


Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Eco friendly variable speed pumps offer a wide range of functions, working in any pool
design and delivering lower energy costs. We love them.

We supply & install

  • Pentair Enviromax

Single Speed Pool Pumps

High quality trusted brand single speed pool pumps sized to suit – with full backup service & warranty.

 We supply & install

  • Pentair Pantera
  • Pentair SilentFlo

Solar Pumps

Pumps specifically designed for pool solar heating circulation

 We supply & install

  • Leisure Time Solar
  • Max-E Boost


We supply & install K-Chlor Digital Gold, Pentair & Pool Controls XLS Chlorinators suitable for Magnesium & Salt Water Pools.

Salt Water & Magnesium pool chlorinators are the popular choice for swimming pools and we recommend these above all others however we do offer servicing, repair and maintenance of all brands and types of pools including ionised pools, naked pool systems and more.

Which chlorinators suit you? Contact us or check our FAQs page for more information.

K-Chlor Digital Gold Series

Tried & trusted salt water chlorinators also compatible with magnesium. Locally manufactured & owned chlorinators are simply the best on the market.

4 year warranties on new Chlorinators & Cells the performance and price beats other brands and they have backup service unequalled.


Pentair Chlorinators – Onga Free Flo & Sta-Rite Posi Chlor

Salt water chlorinators that are also compatible with minerals from another trusted pool brand. Providing our customers with high quality products together with back up warranty & service.


Pool Filters

A pool filter cleans the pool water by removing dirt and particles during circulation. Servicing & cleaning of pool filters is vital for a healthy pool.

Media Filters (Glass & Sand)

Sand filters, also known as media filters, are actually filled most often with glass filtration media. We use recycled glass as our favoured filtration media as this lasts 3 times longer than silica sand and saves on water usage. Media filters have multiport valves allowing for easier cleaning and servicing of pools and filters.

We supply & install

  • Pantera Filters
  • Leisure Time Filters

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters require regular removal for cleaning and the cartridge (element) needs replacing on average every 2 years. These are suited to smaller sized pools or when other filters are unsuitable.

We supply & install

  • Pantera Cartridge Filter
  • FreeFlo® Cartridge Filter

Pool Cleaners

Our pool cleaners and services make owning a pool a hassle-free experience – just dive in and enjoy! We keep an eye on everything… so you don’t have to. The Best Pool Cleaners…on the Sunshine Coast.

Automatic Pool Cleaners – Robotic

These cleaners have amazing features – like electronic scanning – which means they deliver efficient and effective cleaning with minimal effort. Plug directly to a power supply – no need for any more hose attachments – and no wear and tear on pool operating equipment.

Our recommended units incorporate front and rear brush cleaning with a dual-filtration system for improved water clarity. Robotic pool cleaners are great for either a quick pool clean or holiday cleaning. Just set the cleaner mode, place it in and walk away… returning to a clean pool – and you’re done – time for swimming!

We supply & install

  • Dolphin X30
  • Pentair Prowler 920

Automatic Pool Cleaners – Suction

Some call it a kreepy krauly… some, a barracuda. These well known versions are still around, but with dozens more now on the market – it can be difficult to know which cleaner is actually best for you.

Pool Clear Sunshine Coast has the experience, with friendly and expert advice to make sure you choose the right pool cleaner for your pool.

There are advantages to having an auto pool cleaner in your pool and in some pools it is a must – for example – if your pool receives high amounts of tree debris or litter. In some cases manual cleaning and normal pool filtration are just not enough to keep a pool clean.

Auto pool cleaners offer effective cleaning only when installed and maintained correctly.

We supply & install

  • Hayward Phoenix 2Wheel
  • Pentair Rebel 2
  • Onga HammerHead

Pool Chemicals

We stock and supply all quality brands and trusted pool chemicals. Only adding the perfect balance of pool chemicals and products you need to keep your pool safe for swimming.

Your pool will enjoy the finest and fastest dissolving chemicals available, ensuring you always have a sparkling luxurious pool.

We stock & carry all the right pool balancing chemicals and products direct to your door, or pool!

Direct to your pool

  • Pool Magnesium – Maytronics Ecoclear
  • Pool Salt – Ultra Fine
  • Pool Maintenance – Lochlor

Pool chemicals we sell
Pool Salt, Magnesium, Chlorine (Liquid & Tablets), Pool Acid, Calcium, Buffer, Stabiliser, Algaecides, Clarifiers, Pool Stain & Metal Removers, Pool Stain & Deposit Preventatives, Filter Cleaners & other pool maintenance products.

Pool Plumbing

All your pool plumbing needs covered. We supply and install most pool plumbing in new and old pools, including pool equipment.

Including supply of all PVC pressure plumbing, fittings, valves and pool parts. It is important to install good quality equipment, with the correct plumbing design – this ensures your pool equipment works well and is easily maintained.

  • Pressure PVC pool plumbing
  • Plumbing Valves – Pool and Spa Valves
  • 2 & 3 Way Valves
  • Non-return valves – Suction Line
  • Flow control valves – Return Line
  • Safety Suctions
  • Eyeballs

Pool Parts & Spares

We stock a wide variety of pool parts and spares for all types of pools and pool equipment. Spares for chlorinators, pumps, filters, pool cleaners, pool cleaning tools and hundreds of other pool parts & spares – such as:

  • Chlorinator replacement cells
  • Pool pump spares
  • Skimmer Baskets
  • Vacuum Plates
  • Cleaning Leaf Net Magnor deluxe
  • O’Rings & Gaskets
  • Expansion plugs
  • Skimmer socks

A wide range of quality pool products direct to your pool, including our favourite leading brands such as – K-Chlor, Pentair, Onga, Lochlor, Magnor, Aussie Gold, Ecoclear, Maytronics, Hayward, Pool Controls, Puraflo, Spa Electrics, Dolphin and many more..

All our products & equipment are expertly matched and professionally installed. Along with backup service and warranty.


You Can’t Beat Experience!

Why choose us?

We only use pool equipment and chemicals – You can’t beat experience - pool cleaners & pool equipment that lasts giving you the best value!

Our pool services perfectly balance pool water, to make it safe for swimming and ensure your pool and pool equipment have a long life. A well cleaned and maintained pool will last much longer and save you money on running costs and repairs.


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What our clients say

The BEST pool service we've ever had on the coast. Chris is super knowledgeable, professional and excellent at what he does. Cannot recommend him any higher - deserves 10 stars

Mel B, Minyama

Chris cleans my pool every month and has been doing so for over a year now. I find him to always be professional, but friendly - and willing to go above and beyond to help - even when it's been outside the scope of what I'm paying him for. Great service is hard to get these days, but I highly recommend Chris at Pool Clear as he delivers brilliant service every time.

Christine West, Buderim

Chris as been maintaining our pool for some years now. In that time we have been extremely happy with the service that he has provided. With his cheerful, honest and professional approach he has been a pleasure to do business with. We have no hesitation in highly recommending Pool Clear to all.

David Halliday, Sunshine Coast

I have had the pleasure of using Chris to service our pool for a number of years now. When we moved from one house to another in different suburbs, Chris was more than happy to service the pool at our new place (I also recommended him to the new owners at the old house). I really cant fault Chris's work ethic, professionalism and quality of work.

Peter D, Maroochy Waters

Chris has been looking after our pool for about 7 years, and I could not recommend him more highly. He is professional, reliable and takes great pride in his work. He has managed both the cleaning, maintenance and also repairs - during the repairs, it was such a relief to have someone who we could trust guiding us. Thanks Chris - we appreciate what you do!

Sal P, Mooloolaba

Chris is fantastic. He's friendly, professional and does a brilliant job maintaining our pool. I would certainly recommend Chris to anyone with a pool.

Nadia Gallagher, Maroochydore


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