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Low Magnesium, Pool Salt & Minerals

Perfect for magnesium pools.

We now supply and install Low Magnesium & Minerals Chlorinators – Australian manufactured Extra Low Salt Chlorinators are the smart choice for your pool. Perfect for magnesium pools the amount of magnesium required is five times less than other pools. That is a massive saving over the life of your pool. Convert your pool and Enjoy the comforts of a magnesium mineral pool.

The XLS Chlorinators are available in different sizes to suit each pool. Once installed by Pool Clear you will never have to worry about pool salt or magnesium being available at the pool shop again. Adaptable to all types of magnesium, minerals and pool salts this unit will operate between levels of 800PPM – 2000PPM. At such low levels the water is much fresher and also cheaper! While enjoying the comforts of a freshwater pool you can also rest easy, knowing you are also contributing to a healthier environment simply by making the smart choice of upgrading to the XLS 900.

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The Ozone XLM has a pH controller included and is also available in many sizes. Implementing the same low salts technology this unit also requires minimal magnesium or minerals for start up or replenishment.

Integrating Ozone production into the pool water balance allows for pools to be run at even lower chlorine levels than normally needed, enhancing the freshwater experience! A low salt or magnesium, and low chemical pool is the ultimate swimming experience and is perfect for those who may suffer from allergies or irritations.

Optional pH controller upgrade available with the XLS 900 chlorinator for perfect pH balance. The pH controller upgrade makes pool water balance easy by automatically adding pool acid when needed. Keeping the pH balance in check is critical for swimmer comfort, equipment protection and preventing pool surface stains.

All our pool equipment is expertly installed, maintained and comes with backup warranty and service.

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