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Pool Salt Sunshine Coast – We have the Solution

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The pool salt shortage continues on the Sunshine Coast. We have been unable to secure a steady stream of pool salt from any of our suppliers since November 2021, due to many contributing factors.

Currently, all pool salt and minerals are sourced in Australia due to a halt on imported salt. Other factors at play include -The high amount of rainfall Australia wide recently – the logistical problems and employee shortages across the country – increases on prices on everything bring their own knock on effects – so do the recent world issues of shortages of so many products.

Pool Salt

Fine Pool Salt Sunshine Coast
Low on Pool Salt? We have the Solution!

We have managed to keep enough salt & minerals (magnesium) in most of our regular client’s pools, but many pools still have low pool salt readings. Low salt or magnesium means the pool’s chlorinator or equipment may not be able to produce enough chlorine to keep the pool clean and will eventually cause a green pool.

The best solution is to substitute the chlorine normally produced by pool equipment with Stabilised Tablets in Floating Dispensers. First turn down the chlorinator cell output or percentage. Continuing to run the cell with low salts may cause damage or void warranty. Add a floating dispenser to the pool with stabilised chlorine tablets…remember to add enough tablets to the dispenser for the pool size (extra dispensers may be required for larger pools).

As the tablets slowly dissolve, every 7-14 days add tablets to the dispenser. This will vary depending on the temperature and quality of pool water. We are well prepared for the shortage to continue and have a healthy stock of floating dispensers and stabilised chlorine tablets.

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